Heii! :)

So, I guess you’re here because either I gave you the link or you found this page using google or stuff, searching for a finnish-course. Anyways, I’m so glad you’re about to learn my native language or just want to refresh it. Just keep on doing it, because finnish is honestly the most beautiful language everrr..!

Most people learn swedish instead of finnish, because in Finland you can get along with swedish as well. But for myself – I don’t like swedish. It’s kind of ugly. (But norwegian is not!) and as well most people think that swedish pronounciation is kind of … easier. Tho it’s not! And as well – finnish sounds WAY smarter.

In my opinion finnish is a kind of easy language to learn. It’s got no real exeptions in grammatical use, and it’s all pronounced like it’s on the paper, exept two cases.

So, let’s get started, and let’s get to know this beautiful language. I’m about to try my best to bring you closer to the colloquial and stuff.

As well we’re gonna work with persons. You can check out my first  blogpost to get to know them. (:

Best wishes and good luck for getting started,
Piia Lähtiyönen